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The second core phase of my Success Blueprint is envisioning the most thriving future lifestyle that you can stand.

Think about the last time you were so inspired you almost cried. I’m serious. Maybe your baby was just born, your business just got funded, your boyfriend got down on one knee, or you witnessed an inspiring Facebook post, ha. How did that feel? What would it feel like to feel that way everyday, though this time it is YOU and only you who is inspiring YOU!? And you’re radiating that energy in every way, everywhere from your local grocery store to the guy who cut you off on the freeway?

Life would be pretty different. People would respond to you differently... your cat would stop biting your ankles and clients and lovers would come lining up to get some of what you’ve got because what you’ve got is pure YOU energy.

And YOU are very important here. Your presence and work on this planet is priceless. My job is to hold the space for this to become real for you and guide you through the process of making that real for everyone else on the planet who gets the honor of meeting you. To hold your hand as you vacillate from overwhelming gratitude for all of life and everything and anyone you have ever met…. To oh my god how on earth Jen am I going to do this?

The magical thing is once you’ve started a clearing process in earnest, visions of where you want to go are going to come. It makes scientific sense right? You create a void, it will be filled. Thus the second phase of vision is tantamount to your success. Hmmm…what will you fill that draining people pleasing energy with… leading others through your own empowered example?

Your visions are often already there but in this phase they get larger than life. We make vision boards, do ideal scenes, all sorts of fun ‘visioning’ support activities that propel you forward and more importantly, program your subconscious to start shifting gears in usually the exact opposite direction.

So what are you likely to experience during this transitional teenage middle child phase? Transition. And it can be icky. Uncomfortable. Goddamit Peggy where are my glasses!? You are between worlds here. Your old world and your new world. This is the most critical time to have a coach because your newfound strength and commitment attracts blocks to reveal themselves to you like bees to honey.

Why? Because your soul is so excited! It’s like woohoo mama… let’s DO this thing. Here’s this block and that one, oh and don’t forget that one, and let’s trigger this and create that blowup and yeah, awesome, everything looks like its falling apart! Schwwing... You, often, are not so thrilled. And negative self-talk just seems louder. Not to mention your friends, family and coworkers think you’ve secretly been abducted and someone with boundaries and self worth, ugh, has taken your place.

You’re not quite yet into the momentum action phase where you can show off to everyone that ‘it’s working’ and quite rightly so. This is the phase that is the most frustrating for perfectionists or clients working on a business or financial goal where the stakes are high, time is of the essence, and money, in absolute practical terms, is on the line.

So what do I do? Give in and promise warp speed ‘overnight’ success that ultimately would be fleeting in your life? It all hinges on your depth of absorption. Clients often experience ‘overnight’ success when being coached, but upon deeper reflection, they understand that they’ve been hard at work on that area of their life behind the scenes for years. All it took to push them over the edge was to clear that last vestige of doubt or deep irrational belief, and KABOOM! Niagra Falls as I like to call it, the heavens open and out floods the physical reward, the ‘overnight’ success. As a coach I believe this experience is quantifiable, and I guide every client to this path that leads to results.

VISION often wants desperately to be action and to be results…. but it’s the middle phase for a reason. During vision you’re going to get very clear on a few things. What are your core values? Who are you anyway? It’s not a question of finding out what the market says is the next big thing or who your significant other thinks they married… the question is who are you now and who is the best possible version of you in the future? In the next six months? Or again, how GOOD can you stand it? As our visions start to take form, anchoring in the new energy you’ve freed up by clearing out your old story is the main component of this second phase.

VISION is where we brainstorm the baby steps to take (think Bill Murray in What About Bob?) to get to that future thriving hahaha laughing at how easy it all is YOU. Brainstorm is the key word here, not creation. Here is where you swivel. Your self imposed thresholds and glass ceilings of how high you thought you could reach are going to be busted open as the limiting lies they are. Your real Self is going to chart the course from here on out, and in case obnoxious pop culture hasn’t bullied it into your brain yet, yes your real Self is infinite and therefore infinitely powerful, loving and creative.

Let’s say you discover one of your core values is experiencing new lands, traveling to exotic locales, yet you authentically love your 9-5 job that requires your constant presence…. You have cross purposes my friend. Vision combined with continued clearing is going to give you the most amazing solution to make the two coexist and it won’t be a compromise (if they both are indeed core values). Often you’ll discover one isn’t, and the solution arrives merely in that awareness.

The sacred time and patience clients give in this VISION phase become what they are thankful for ten times over down the line, and twenty times over if they were working on a financial goal. Think of VISION as a vacation for your overachiever. Sit back, contemplate, and if you must have a goal... see how good you can get at suspending your anxiety by just letting yourself DO nothing. 

Moving on to MOMENTUM.