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In my coaching practice, I work with individuals privately in a few distinct ways.

I encourage those ready to jumpstart their process to begin working with me through an INTENSIVE, which is a single in-person session that delivers powerful immediate results and is held over the course of a day in the oasis of a luxurious hotel suite. The larger container of time in an intensive allows for deeper work to be completed and transformation at large to be initiated. Depending on what presents itself during the intensive, clients often gain greater clarity on what further work together would be most beneficial for their specific situation. 

I also offer 3 MONTH and 6 MONTH ongoing coaching programs which feature weekly one and a half hour sessions, preferably booked in advance as standing appointments (same day of the week and time) for greater ease of both the client and myself. Both options can be held in person, over the phone or via Skype. In general, coaching can circle round a client's core issue for the first month or so as layers and layers are peeled away. Once the core is revealed, the vision begins to take shape and the momentum towards external shift is propelled forward. 

Therefore my 3 MONTH package is excellent to support the transformation of one central issue. The nature of coaching will encourage additional issues to surface which a 3 MONTH package will address as much as possible.  

For those who desire transformation in multiple areas of their lives to occur in tandem, I recommend my 6 MONTH package. You will instinctively know if your goals require more depth and time, and I believe whatever option you are intuitively drawn to is the right one for you.

I am results oriented by nature, and each service is meant to be complete unto itself whenever possible. A benefit to coaching over earlier models of therapy is that here in this space, my goal is to facilitate your quantum leap and empower you to maintain that new vibrational reality beyond the closure of our work, independent of ongoing assistance. I believe in the power of YOU and I am here to get you results.