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The final phase of my Success Blueprint is riding the MOMENTUM that is created which is the exhilarating pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

It’s the universe’s pat on the back for a job well done. The most wonderful part about this action phase of transformation is that success flows easily and the results you were struggling to achieve before seem to come out of nowhere like a floodgate was opened. Whatever procrastination program you had running that you just couldn’t put your finger on as to why, suddenly becomes the most natural thing in the world that you just wake up and DO. Because in MOMENTUM you’ve already done the work on a energetic level, you’ve already seen and aligned with your path and all of life now conspires to ‘overnight’ your success.

Ironically, one of the ‘hardest’ parts for clients in this phase is how easily everything unfolds. The last remnants of their old striving, punishing selves balk, ‘wait a minute… it can’t possibly be so simple! I worked at this for years and never saw such rapid change.’

MOMENTUM affirms the power of clearing and visioning and is a time to anchor this new way of life so that every future obstacle can be approached with the same synergy in line with universal laws. During this phase it’s appropriate to get concrete about goals and deadlines you’d like to make happen because you know where you’re going and you’ve cleared where you’ve been.

If you were able to suspend your rush to accomplish throughout the first two phases, these ambitions will come to you during momentum. If you insist, they will meet you halfway.

To give this process structure, we breakdown your big visions (which are now crystal clear) into many many mini-visions. We rearrange the pieces in your life that you thought could only be looked at in one way, and we get creative. You’ll start to see overlooked resources you have that you can allocate to directly address challenges. The jigsaw puzzle finally starts to come together and light up in one cohesive whole.

You know that old saying that you already have everything you need? Well that becomes your experience here as around every bump in every mini-vision lies the perfect counterpart solution. Life becomes a game. Thus further developing your intuition becomes paramount in MOMENTUM. The most successful people in the world powerfully harness their intuition and this often disregarded sixth sense will become your secret weapon too. However intuitive or unintuitive you think you currently are, there are always additional layers waiting to be brought forth to give you that edge in life.

It really is an honor to facilitate the blossoming of a client’s goals, relationships, wealth creation and discovery process. It helps to keep in mind that as the canvas of your old life progressively clears and your thoughts, emotions and beliefs update to your most present YOU, people will start to comment on your paradigm shift. And that’s a good thing in momentum because you’re strong enough now not be thrown by the opinions of others, good or bad. And regardless, I’m on the sidelines holding that space for you while you’re experiencing in every real sense of the phrase:

Shift happens!