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Imagine waking up, day after day, with nothing to do but walk! It is truly liberating to experience not only the expanse of the trail in front of you, but the expansive spaciousness within. A day on the Camino feels like a month in real time. It is a metaphor for your life at large, a microcosm, week by week, for the macrocosm of your existence. Those who answer the Call of the Camino are embarking on a quest for inner peace, spiritual illumination, and good old-fashioned fun!


Designed for flexibility, the program is divided into eight separate 5-day segments, 40 days in total. Participants can join for a single week: 5 days walking with the group, allowing for 2 days of travel time. Or for two segments (10 days on the trail), three segments (15 days)... up to the entire eight segments (40 days). Though the group continues onwards without interruption, program assistants provide airport transport in Spain for the ease of all pilgrims.


Every morning on the trail, Jen will lead the group in a meditation or energy healing based on that week's theme. Participants will have the opportunity to receive private coaching with Jen during the day's walk to experience a deeper transformation. At night, we have fun! And participants get the chance to reflect on their day and integrate their experience thru group discussion.


Each week is limited to a maximum of 8 participants. Bonds between pilgrims are often very close and divinely designed. After an experience like the Camino, many struggle to integrate their experience into their life at home and ground their new awareness into their everyday reality. The program addresses this dilemma by establishing an ever expanding Camino Community of likeminded individuals on and off the trail, throughout the year.

THE HIKE very friendly! Compared to other treks around the globe, the elevation, grade and average miles walked per day is suitable for all ages. Though pilgrims carry a backpack of their belongings, nights are spent in refugios and inns, no tent or equipment required. Bathrooms and food are readily accessible throughout the day. While on the trail itself, pilgrims may walk alone, with the group, or with non-participants from around the world.