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Jen's Journey


Walking the Camino in 2005 was one of the most profound and lifechanging experiences I've ever had. Before completing the journey, I was given clear guidance to become 'a guide' ... whatever that meant. Revelations are quite common on the trail and at the time I interpreted that to mean a 'tour guide'. Next thing I knew I was living in Rome, Italy guiding tourists thru the Vatican and Ancient City for five fantastic years. After settling back in the States, I built a thriving Energy Coaching practice (life coaching + energy healing) in Los Angeles, CA and became a guide in a more esoteric sense of the word. 

And yet I never imagined that my original insight would come full circle ten years later when I finally realized (after numerous hints from the universe) to combine my expertise in travel, coaching and the Camino by guiding and coaching groups on The Way itself.

I am thrilled to be the custodian of this unique program and I am honored to be a part of your Way! 

Buon Camino,

Jen Parsons


“At a time in my life when I was paralyzed by emotion, bound up like a caterpillar, Jen led me through an opening into a world of self healing, a rediscovery of acceptance, joy and compassion. I emerged as a butterfly, set free, living now from my soul's perspective no longer held by limiting beliefs.

The Camino represents another opportunity, a gift for my soul, the anticipation of the unknown.”

- Andrea Hess (Private Client and Camino Participant)