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Energy Healing

What is energy healing? 

Energy healing goes directly to the source of an issue, circumventing the mind's analytical explanation for what it thinks is going on, which is often the trap keeping the issue firmly in place. I find it amazing that since Einstein and beyond we have scientific proof that we are energetic, electrical beings vibrating at various frequencies, and yet talk of this fact in our modern day culture is tip-toed around as woo-hoo or wakadoo (my favorite word for all things still considered esoteric).

I believe in 100 years people will look back at our era with disbelief, like we do at doctors in medieval times who treated patients with leeches, and marvel at how despite our phenomenal scientific breakthroughs, we dug our heels in the sand at using mind body science to heal ourselves. 

Energetic patterning of beliefs, memories and programming at the cellular level is very real, very powerful and in my experience, without addressing the underlying unconscious energy that is powering a belief... change will be minimal at best, despite the most willful and earnest effort. It is my responsibility to you as my client to be at the forefront of consciousness work and to bring the unchartered frontier of inner space to benefit you in your life journey. 

Thus even though coaching is the root of my practice, energetic healing modalities are the support branches of the deep inner healing inherent in my coaching. I put my clients on a grace plan instead of a struggle plan, because quite simply, change can be fast and easy. Empowering you with energy techniques to use in between sessions is vital in enabling you to let go of old patterning, deeply seated fears and unresolved issues for the last time.