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WEEK ONE : September 16-20 ............  St. Jean to Estella

WEEK TWO : September 21-25 ............  Estella to Belorado

WEEK THREE : September 26-30 .......  Belorado to Fromista

WEEK FOUR : October 1-5 ...................  Fromista to Leon

WEEK FIVE : October 6-10 ..................  Leon to Villafranca

WEEK SIX : October 11-15 ....................  Villafranca to Palas de Rei

WEEK SEVEN : October 16-20 .............  Palas de Rei to Santiago

WEEK EIGHT : October 21-25 ..............  Santiago to Fisterra


                $1750 per week or $8000 for the entire program. In-Spain airport transfer and accommodation is included, 5 days/6 nights per segment.

Flights, food, backpacking equipment and any other expenses are not included. Payment plans are available, all program fees must be paid in full by September 1st, 2015. Contact Jen for more information on payment plan options.


This program provides a range of accommodation types that are available to pilgrims. Including approximately 2 nights per segment at the most historic alburgues/refugios (hostels for pilgrims) along that segment; and 4 nights in charming casa rurales (family run inns). Accommodations are arranged in advance wherever possible. Refugios and alburgues are generally communal sleeping, dormitory style. They may be unisex or gender specific, 4 to a room or 50 to a room. They are included in the program to give all participants a feel for the traditional pilgrim experience. However, for increased privacy to better facilitate group sharing at night and meditations in the morning, the majority of the accommodation at casas rurales provide each participant with their own private room at night. 


Participants will need to make their own arrangements to arrive in Spain the day prior to their first 5 day segment. Airport transfer to and from the group is included from the nearest major airport. Flying from the US to London, Paris or Madrid and then using either or to fly to your destination in Spain is often the most affordable option. (A trick I learned from 5 years living in Rome!) 

Airport pickup and drop off for each segment are as follows:

                      PICKUP AIRPORT                                                                      DROP-OFF AIRPORT

WEEK ONE 1:                 Biarritz, France (BIQ) on September 15th                            Pamplona, Spain (PNA) on September 21st

WEEK TWO :                       Pamplona (PNA) on September 20th                                    Bilbao, Spain (BIO) on September 26th

WEEK THREE :               Bilbao, Spain (BIO) on September 25th                                   Santander, Spain (SDR) on October 1st

WEEK FOUR :              Santander, Spain (SDR) on September 30th                              Santander, Spain (SDR) on October 6th

WEEK FIVE :                    Santander, Spain (SDR) on October 5th                                   Santiago, Spain (SCQ) on October 11th

WEEK SIX :                      Santiago, Spain (SCQ) on October 10th                                     Santiago, Spain (SCQ) on October 16th

WEEK SEVEN :                Santiago, Spain (SCQ) on October 15th                                     Santiago, Spain (SCQ) on October 21st

WEEK EIGHT :                Santiago, Spain (SCQ) on October 20th                                    Santiago, Spain (SCQ) on October 26th


Most nights on the trail, dinners are a social event held in the refugios or offered by the casas rurales at inexpensive pilgrim rates. Breakfast and lunch are easily accessible along on The Way at cafes. Food costs are not included in the program, estimate an average of $40 per day or less.


Participants receive detailed handouts on how to prepare physically for the trip and what gear and supplies are needed (type and weight of backpack, clothing etc.). A BONUS Q&A workshop will be held in August that covers all logistics (weather, walking conditions, health concerns, gear and supplies).