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What's all the buzz around coaching? 

Even though coaching is a fairly new industry that is becoming one of the fastest growing arenas in self discovery, there is still much confusion over how it differs from therapy and who its primary target audience is. Coaching originally began as mentorship accessible to top business executives only, providing a very select few with a quasi sort of Life's Little Instruction Book in action.

In general, coaching is for highly functioning individuals who are ready to take their life to the next level, who desire not only counseling to heal unresolved issues but expert direction in achieving their current life goals. Typically with clients it is not a matter of waking up one day suddenly ready to create lasting change, it's... back up against the wall, waited too long to address a core issue, consequences loom around the next bend... and a paradigm shift is imminent, like it or not! A talented coach makes the transition seamless and can be the difference between self-destruction and life-altering breakthrough.

What are the benefits of the coaching process?

Like therapy, the nature of coaching has a third element happening during the exchange that is profound. By committing to yourself over a period of time, to creating a refuge finally for YOU, YOU, YOU- that intention alone moves mountains. And through the sheer act of sharing your deepest desires or exploring misinterpretations in your thinking with another, that activates your desired path to be laid at your feet.

It's as if by verbalizing yourself to the universe through a coach and having your ideas land somewhere and be heard- in the hands of a skillful facilitator, what was previously attempted on your own and failing is now buoyantly supported, fueled and launched. Thanks to our modern fast-paced society, this most basic and powerful component of life -being heard- is frequently lost and in ever increasing demand, which has become the coaching industry's opportunity to fulfill.

What is Transformational Life Coaching specifically?

Transformational life coaching (a little TLC) is a holistic approach that sets itself apart from other niches in the industry by addressing the client as a whole, honoring the understanding that true growth in one area of life will undoubtedly effect all other areas. This style of coaching by its very nature cannot be contained or compartmentalized into solely relationship coaching or business coaching as the deep healing it fosters criss-crosses through every aspect of a client's way of being.

It is specific as it stems from a soul-centered consciousness perspective, yet the external results are extremely tangible. Just as our body is a matrix of many complex systems, so are our minds, hearts, energy meridians and lives. Pivotal shifts in one area of life result in shifting the entire enchilada, and I specialize in supporting that all encompassing transformation.

On a personal note, pigeon-holing my ability to help others in only part of their lives reminds me of why I chose a career in coaching over one in psychotherapy, as the outdated restrictions in the field of traditional psychology ironically limit the most powerful healing I am aware of... that which happens in the present moment spontaneously, often through the grace of spirit.

And spirit is not fond of coloring inside the lines!