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Clear Cancel Delete

The first core phase of my Success Blueprint is CLEARING all that no longer serves you.

This is a fairly new methodology used predominantly in spiritual fields through meditation, energy healing, spoken word commands and scripts, free form writing, or emotional freedom technique (EFT). Unfortunately clearing techniques are not yet widely understood or used in mainstream fields of business development or traditional psychology, yet in my experience, no great traction can be achieved in reaching goals (no matter how willful the person) until a fair amount of one’s past garbage is free to surface, be sifted through and released.

To free you up to create a fantastic thriving life in the present, clearing past programming and patterning is necessary in all areas of your psyche- your emotions, mind, energy field, childhood, past lives, even in your paperwork, your household, your email inbox, your very DNA itself. Anything that holds a charge can hold you back. Einstein knew this and physics has only expanded on his theories, everything that exists is vibrating energy (and intangible things like thoughts, exist). We are energetic and electrical beings surrounded by electrical and energetic matter that all retain charges, memories and energy. Once cleared and freed, your life will fundamentally change.

That unknown, however, that free fall into change, is often the last unconscious block we cling to before hiring a coach and venturing down the rabbit hole of self discovery. Our well meaning but outdated survival instinct, our ego, would rather remain trapped in a mediocre life where at least it knows the terrain rather than risk creating an uncharted truly meaningful, prosperous life. The real question is, ‘How GOOD can you stand it?’

Thus the two main ingredients it takes to work with me are courage and an open mind. It takes mass amounts of courage to step into the unknown, to voice what you really think, to be who you really are and to design a life around those core elements of YOU. To make sure your step into the unknown lands in a pretty pink pasture of exactly what you want, that’s where our next phase of VISION comes in.

This is the reason why clearing is so critical as the first step on your journey. Often the direction you think you want to go in at the onset of coaching will shift into something even bigger and better after you clear away the worn out tapes of what you should do and who you should be. These are tapes, programs and belief patterns that have been running in the background of your mind for countless years (and lifetimes). You don’t want your fresh new internet startup or love affair to be born from your old programs and beliefs that have failed you in the past. You want something better. And that desire for growth is human nature, it’s life itself.

The power of clearing, like most profound things in life, is really only understood through direct experience. Often in the very first session, clients realize the multitude of blocks and unconscious negating beliefs they didn’t even know they had. One of the most gratifying things for me as a coach, is to help clients come to the realization of a limiting belief they’ve held onto for years that makes no ‘rational’ sense and not only does not support where they’re going but directly invalidates any of their efforts to get there. Thus as long as that belief is held within them, in their body, mind and soul, ultimately they get nowhere and lose precious self-esteem in the process.

What’s remarkable about clearing is that it lifts off guilt of past failure and replaces it with understanding and gratitude. It’s not your fault! Yes you are the creator of your reality but it wasn’t your conscious decision to create what you did, it was the universe responding to all that unexamined programming. The unexamined life is not worth living right? But what do we do to ourselves when we fall short of our goals? When our life doesn’t look the way we want it to? We inevitably get overwhelmed, negative self-talk increases and we further compound the ‘problem’.

Once a person begins the journey of clearing, peace of mind starts to set in and self esteem builds. Clients begin to take themselves off the hook and understand various factors in their life that they once viewed as challenges were merely loving indicators to look at their underlying junk. I’m here to empower you in knowing that you can resolve these things for the last time.  And move onto where your heart and soul know you’re meant to be.

So if all your dreams seem forever grounded at the terminal, all you might need is some of that baggage to be taken out of the plane. By clearing away what is not you, your authentic self begins to peek through and there is tremendous power in living from your authentic self.

And if you feel like you’re not where you’re meant to be in life- you’re right. That’s your soul prodding you, that’s your inner voice urging you on. If you look around at various aspects of your world and wonder how you got there, and there’s room for massive improvement but you think it’s too late in the game to change- I can help you.  

I use many different methods to assist you in achieving this ridiculously powerful blank slate, of which I pass onto you to use yourself as tools for the rest of your life.

Ok, did I beat the horse dead? Awesome. Onto your unique VISION.