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Life Coach + Energy Healer

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If I were to ask one question to best illustrate what I can do for you as a life coach, it would be... 

'How GOOD can you stand it?' 

This simple question can be very telling before embarking on a transformative journey with me. Whatever threshold or ceiling that appears when asking yourself this question, is your current set point to UPlevel your life from. My practice honors the empowering truth that YOU have the answers you seek, and I am a loving and experienced facilitator of your Self revelation.

I work with clients in private intensives and ongoing monthly packages that are masterfully designed to create inspired and permanent shifts in the most pressing areas of their lives. My clients commit to overhauling their money stories, love stories, illusory glass ceilings... eradicating numerous blocks and burdens that have been holding them back from experiencing their most THRIVING multidimensional self.


I combine laser coaching with modern applications of ancient energy science that lift clients into a new reality and empowers them with practical techniques to support themselves in between sessions. It's an honor offering this service that changes people's lives and businesses on a fundamental level... and we have so much FUN in the process! I also offer intensives in luxurious settings outside of Los Angeles as well as international retreats.

We live in an AND, AND universe and I specialize in TRANSFORMATIONAL LIFE COACHING and ENERGY HEALING, combining the two in support of seekers all over the world who are ready to live big and break free of programming that no longer serves their highest good.

What's all the buzz around coaching?

   Clear Cancel Delete

Clear Cancel Delete

There is perhaps nothing worse than reaching the top of the ladder and discovering that you’re on the wrong wall.
— Joseph Campbell


Framework for 3 MONTH and 6 MONTH programs

Ongoing coaching is an organic process that will deviate in structure depending on the unique needs of each individual client and the unfoldment of their life while we work together. But within that fluidity, in my practice I have discovered three core phases a person goes through on their way to a powerful and lasting transformation. I call this my Success Blueprint.

Each phase is critical and profound no matter what you’re attempting to change, whether the issue is personal, professional or spiritual in nature. All phases build on each other and occasionally overlap, but for the purposes of clarity and power in your journey, my blueprint for success is a linear three fold process.

The first phase is based on CLEARING away all the worn out baggage and belief systems that no longer serve you. The second phase focuses on getting your overriding VISION for your life laser focused and crystal clear to optimize it's development in tangible, verifiable form. The third phase of MOMENTUM is a natural outgrowth of the first two phases, wherein inspired action takes place, internal and external transformation become evident, and you have the opportunity to fully anchor this higher state as your new way of being.

Let's do this!

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